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To purchase a rank, select the "Ranks" tab above.
Ranks will be added within 1-15 minutes after purchase.

For a list of perks, while on the server type /server hub then /warp donate



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For Support & Questions Signup at http://mc-sg.org/forum/
Please, do not email our paypal email.


Money paid towards the server will be put towards hosting of the server, DDoS protection for 24-7 online time, and new additions to the server.

If you enter an incorrect in-game name, or have any issue with your purchase, please get support on our forum. http://mc-sg.org/forum/


Why donate to Minecraft Superior Gaming?

1. Unlike lots of servers, Minecraft Superior Gaming ranks give you permissions on all our servers. This makes for a much better experience as a donating member, and allows us to give ranks with as many perks as possible.

2. Minecraft Superior Gaming is a fully loaded server, with more game modes than most, if not all other Minecraft servers. This means there is no need for you to go on any other servers, as we have most the popular game modes all in one!

3. Staff and Owners of Minecraft Superior Gaming are constantly working on the server, keeping it online 24/7 with as little lag as possible. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and features on the server. In the future we aim to be constantly adding new mini games and other features to the server, to make the best experience possible. As we add more features to the server, more donators perks come out, and make the server funner, and hopefully not get old.

4. At Minecraft Superior Gaming, we have one of the largest Minecraft communities out there, being one of the TOP 10 largest Minecraft servers. We allow our players to chat freely on every server, in which you can meet new friends and generally have a good time. Donation ranks help add to that, as your name sticks out with different colors, over the default dark grey name.

5. If you purchase a donation rank, which expires, you receive a member rank which still allows you to create factions, set 1 home, as well as have 2 creative plots on each of our creative worlds, making for 4 creative plots, instead of the default 2. (All donator ranks get to claim even more plots. If you have 6 claimed and your rank expires, you still keep them)

6. We do not share any of your information that you provide us with any third parties.

All donations are very much appreciated.


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